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How making your own Driving tour app can help you get more customers!

As the owner of any attraction, a park, museum or even a tourism company, you always want to gift the best of experiences for your visitors.  This also means increase in user engagement and a big push to your revenue.  All this can be easily achieved with the help of your own driving attraction tour app. People prefer using apps for completing their daily chores from paying bills to shopping, and a tour app for today’s smartphone savvy population will help them derive more from the visit. Actionshow App fits in the role very well and makes your attraction brand appear sleek,  and professional and modern.

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The app takes care of your visitors from the very first moment they enter your premises. Don’t worry about WiFi or Cell signal, as once downloaded, it can work without any internet connection. Let your visitors buy virtual e-tickets through the tour app. It will save your money on ticket counter, plus it will eliminate lines queues and provide a hassle-free experience for the visitors.

Inside your  an indoor location, you can make your guests feel extra comfortable by helping them navigate through your site on a fixed path with the help of the app’s tour buttons like “Play”, “Pause”, “Next”, and “Back”. You can also let them move the way they want, but guide them to reach the right tour spot. The driving attraction tour app can recognize visitors’ their right position and direct them correctly. Visitors can get complete overview of the place around them through the “Overview Map” button which shows entire floor plan and the “You Are Here” icon shows their exact location.

Outdoor tours can also be managed perfectly with the app. It makes use of GPS technology present in every smartphone to track the visitors. When a visitor is close to a tour stop, the app helps them to reach the place without getting diverted in the wrong direction. This is made possible with a Google map image which has all the tour stops marked with “pins”. The individual using the app can see their own location as a moving blue dot.

Actionshow app ensures your visitors don’t miss out any attraction. It will guide them on the right direction, if they ever get lost. Finally, when the tour is over, the attraction driving tour app can request them to provide their valuable suggestions or rate their experience. Based on their experience, app can they may be also requested to make donations through the app. Let your visitors take home back a piece of their beautiful experience in the form of souvenirs. The app can also be used to set up a souvenir store and will be a major attraction for the tourists.

With so much to offer, the app will be a definite hit among the users and attract local sponsorship’s or advertisements. Revenue from advertisements will be an addition to your income. Overall, signing up with Investment in Actionshow App can will generate attractive returns in more ways than you can imagine.

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How a simple tour app can boost the income of a museum/theme park

Do you own a museum or theme park? Did you know that the income you generate can be doubled or even tripled by simply launching your own app?We live in a smart-phone era where every single person depends on their phone to get things done. A tour app will be of immense help to all your visitors. Moreover, having an app like Action Show App will make your brand look more professional.

The app will act just like a tour guide,showing all the various parts of the facility. It will ensure that the visitors do not miss out on anything. People will have a complete overview of the surroundings giving them a better overall experience.The app will also come to the rescue when visitors get lost as they sometimes do. At the end of the visit, when the visitors are about to leave, they may even be reminded to leavea tip or make donations based on their satisfaction level via the tour app. By thus improving their comfort levels, they will keep coming back for more.

Having physical tickets is time consuming and a cumber someway of functioning for both you and your customers. If virtual tickets can be bought using the museum tour app, it makes the user experience hassle-free. Moreover, it makes the logistics easier for you. You can also save money which you would have been spent on setting up a ticket counter.

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The tour app can also be used to sell souvenirs. This will be a major attraction especially for tourists. You can choose to give extra discount offers during the off-season period to attract more visitors. Action Show app can also be a direct interface for you to connect with people. Feedback can be received and surveys can be conducted to gain valuable data to improve the business strategy.

Once the app becomes popular, many enterprises will be interested in sponsoring your app. They will pay you huge amounts just to get their pop ups shown. This can act as another income stream. The investment you make for a simple app like Action Show App will bring multi-fold returns in unexpected ways.

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