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Wat phra kaew- The home of the Emerald Buddha

The Wat Phra Kaew Bangkok also known as Emerald Buddha temple adjoins the Grand palace and these two places are known to be Bangkok’s greatest and biggest attractions for tourists. The compound of the temple is flocked with millions of tourists every year and half of the time you are there, you have to make your way through the various photo shots that are taken by tourists visiting there.

This is an area, which has 100 buildings that are colored brightly and has glittering mosaics and golden spires. This temple goes back to 1782 during the formation of what is known as Bangkok today. Before you can make your way to the Grand Palace, you first stop foot at the temple and the attractions that are nearby


Wat Phra’s main attraction – Emerald Buddha

While the temple itself is one of the main and biggest attractions of Thailand, it is also known to be the sacred and important temples in Bangkok. When you are inside the temple, there are certain rules and regulations that have to follow. There are no compromises made on this front.

The statue of Emerald Buddha stands between 60-75 cms in height and although nothing is known much about the temple, however, the one thing that is known is that it is made from Jasper or green jade. The statue is perched high up in a box made out of the glass; this is why it becomes difficult to see the detailing of the statue.

The beauty of this statue is that it shows Buddha sitting in the lotus position and is decorated beautifully during festivals and local occasions of Bangkok. As per what has been stated, this statue was constructed during the 15the century and myth has it that it also became the root cause for many battles that took place before it could finally make Bangkok its home in 1782. Another myth that is attached to the talisman is that for the Thai’s and Thailand, this statue holds a lot of significance. The King personally comes and changes the robe of the statue three times in the year. This is done during the commencement of a new season.

Each season has a special robe that is put on, for the summers or hot season; it is a Gold robe that is diamond encrusted. For the cool season, it is a robe made from Solid gold and during the rainy season, the robe is a gilded monk. Inside the temple, there are various other images of Buddha present.


The compound of the temple

The interior walls are round and depict various stories of the Jataka collection. These are stories that are based on the various lives or births of Buddha in the animal and human form. These stories are located inside the temples in the traditional conventions of the Thai culture. In ones that are altering facing, you will find the depictions of Buddha’s victory over Mara the evil demon. It shows how he achieved enlightenment after subduing her. When you are inside the Wat Phra Keo temple, you have to ensure that you take out your shoes before stepping forth the main building. This practice is applicable before visiting any temple even in India.

Although this temple holds a lot of significance for Thailand, however, this only one temple does not house any monks. The temple is surrounded with cloisters, which are a Thai version of Ramakian, which is famously known as the Indian epic story of Lord Ram- Ramayana. There are 178 sections in total and are dated back during the time King Mongkut was in power. On various occasions, they have been restored; the texts are self-explanatory and were devised by Rama V or King Chulalongkorn.


Some other viewing pleasures through the mobile app

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The libraries in the temple -Apart from the temple, you also have two libraries which have been constructed to help protect the various literatures of Buddhism which holds a lot of importance. The libraries are impressive and is mostly closed for public however if you do get lucky, then you can surely consider looking at it.

The statue that homes the ashes of Buddha -The Phra Si RattanaChedi is a golden statue that is said to also be the home for Buddha’s ashes.

The 7th Kings who hold importance -Along with that, you also have the Royal Pantheon, which is said to be statues that are fully sized and consist of the first seven kings that were in the reign during the Dynasty of Chakri. The statues numbered Rama -1 to Rama -7 is said to be open for public viewing only once in a year on the 6th of April which is said to be the founding date of the dynasty.

The mythical guardians – Surround that particular area is the Kinaree or mythical guardians that are half bird and half human the Garuda bird of Hinduism. There are various scriptures of Buddhism that is stored in this area called Tripitaka.

A guide to the Great Palace Map

The Grand Palace in Bangkok was once upon a time the home of the Royal Family and Reigning King as well as his court. It was also the administrative seat of the entire Government, towards the beginning of the 20th century, the reigning Kings of Thailand decided to shift their Royal residence elsewhere instead of staying in the palace. Now the Grand Palace has become the spiritual heart and seat of power for the Kingdom of Thailand. If you look at the Grand Palace Map, you will easily get to know the areas within the Palace that are accessible to the public and the ones that are restricted only to the Royal family and Authorized personals. Let us have a look at the areas that are accessible to the public.

Grand Palace Map

The Other Court

As soon as you walk through the entry gate, you are in the outer court of the palace, this is a part that has a stone path that takes you to the middle court, which has to be passed through the Phimanchaisri gateway. The buildings that are located at the outer court have been there ever since King Rama V was in power. Today these buildings are now used as Government offices for certain departments of the Royal Household. If you continue walking down the stone pathway, you will reach an exit. This leads us to the next side of the Palace Grounds.

The Emerald Buddha Temple

Next, in the list of the grand palace map Bangkok is the Temple of Emerald Buddha. As soon as you get out of the outer court, this temple falls on the left hand side. Also known as Wat PhraKaeo, this temple is one of the most holiest and important temples of Thailand. For the Royal Family, this is just like their own personal chapel and it is the only temple in Thailand that does not have monks living in it. There is so much to see when you are inside this particular area right from the beautiful architecture to the scriptures and the Pali version of the Ramayana also known as Ramakian epic. The entrance of the temple features the demonic guards.

Next moving into the Palace’s middle Court

This was the area where the King used to meet the Guests and people as well as discusses various business matters. There is a part of this area that is not accessible to the public. The oldest building that is located next to the mansion is the Throne hall, which is open during the weekdays for the public. Walking on towards the exit, you get to the Museum

The Museum

In the museum, you will get a chance to see the different artifacts that are connected to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha. You will also get the chance to see the old costumes and robes that were put for the Emerald Buddha statue as well as a map of the olden looks of the Grand Palace. You also have a special area where you can see the Royal armory and various other types of equipments and weapons used during wars and fights.

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Find your way around easily- The app is developed to ensure that the user does not require anybody’s help. Right from which bus to take to even the ferry route as well as the train, you will get all the necessary information on what are the best options and ways for you to travel to the Grand Palace.

The history of Emerald Buddha

The Emerald Buddha Bangkok is one of the most significant statues that has a lot of meaning and the belief is that this statue watches over the entire country of Thailand. It is yet to be known if this is a fact, or a myth or just a fable; however, the one thing that is surely known is that this statue had captured the eye of everybody during the time it was discovered. This resulted in a lot of wars and battles that took place in order to gain control over the statue.

To help ensure that it is protected well, the reigning King at that time also went ahead and relocated the statue a number of times before it was finally placed in what are known to be the Temple of the Emerald Buddha today.

It is also believed that the older the Statue got, the more powerful it became, and this is another reason why many people wanted this particular statue. Along with the power and protection, it is also believed that it is the lucky charm for Thailand and has brought in a lot of good luck. This is another reason why there are a lot of rules and regulations applicable.

The emerald Buddha is not easily accessible to anybody, public can just have a look at it, but from a distance, the only person who is even allowed close to the statue is the Reigning King. Even today, there are certain traditions and rituals, which are still performed by the King of Thailand in front of this statue.

Although the origin of the statue is not known since there are restrictions on the access to the statue, however there is word that the statue was carved by an Indian Saint using the help of Visnu and Indira. The posture of the statue is the reason why this speculation is made. In Thailand, the meditating posture of Buddha is very uncommon, this is a posture that is closely related to the Indian roots, and this is the main reason why the myth has the Indian touch to it.

It is believed that the saint name Nagasena wanted to spread the teachings of Buddha and wanted to create something very special, which would help to ensure that teachings would spread around. Even though the temple does not house any monks, however, it does do a good job in spreading out some of the teachings and stories that are really informative.

The Green statue of Buddha indeed does have many interesting speculations that are attached to it which can be heard over and over again and you will not be tired of it. Each story has a very interesting factor to it. Another prominent thing about the temple is that it has various carvings, which tell you a lot about the life of Buddha not just in the human form, but also when he was in the animal form. Each past life of his has been expressed in the most beautiful and special manner.

Nobody really knows how the statue got to the place where it stands today even though people are still trying to figure this out. The biggest challenge that they are facing recently is the fact that they have limited resources to work on.

The mobile app that can help you

If you have been to Thailand, your trip is wasted without visiting the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. For visitors, a specially designed app has been developed to help newbie’s find their way across the city to the destination of the Grand Palace.

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This app also tells you the word of advice on what you can and cannot do and whom to watch out for while you are touring the Palace and the Temple.

If you want any future information, you can easily obtain it through the app. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that you will not have internet connectivity when you are inside the palace, however, you can be rest assured that the app will continue to work even inside so you do not have to worry about anything.

Wat Phra and Grand Palace – the main attractions of Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful place that is rich with cultural architecture and a history that matches it. The Wat Phra Kaew and Grand Palace is two of the main tourist’s attractions that are flooded by locals and foreigners throughout the year. These two places are also known to be located right in the center of Bangkok on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.  When you consider the list of top tourist destinations in the world, then Bangkok is one of them. These beautifully designed buildings carry a royal history that goes back 200 years and reflects the architectural intelligence of the times when science and technology was not at all advanced in any way. Let us get to know a brief about the grand palace and wat phra kaew, and why it is so famous in Bangkok


The Grand Palace – a building of excellence and beauty


The construction of the Grand Palace started in 1782 and was finally completed in 1925.

When you walk into the main entrance, you will feel that you are walking into a very different land that is located on earth. There is a conglomerate of buildings that are aligned perfectly with golden spires and crimson sloping roofs. The stupa that is bell shaped and has a pointed tall spire is the biggest one, which is a representation of the enlightened path of Buddha.

Wat PhraKaew Grand Palace

The Grand Palace has a design that is unique and is truly an inspiration for engineers and architects. The east corner of the building is where the Borombhiman hall is located. This side is guarded by troopers of the army and is not open for visitors. The only way people can get a glimpse of the building is through the Iron gates. If you are in luck, you may get to witness a ceremony that is very interesting, which take places when the guards are handing down the responsibility to the next guard at the end of his shift. This ceremony is done in a very beautifully manner and is followed in a routine that is choreographed while the places are being exchanged.


The wat phra kaew grand palace –AKA Emerald Buddha temple


This is a temple, which adjoins the Grand Palace, and the construction of this temple has a touch of architecture found during the Dravidian times. The style that this temple has been built on is said to be an old style of Bangkok called Ratanakosin style. In the Thai culture and art, you will see a very prominent influence of South India and you will get to see the legend that is common between the Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

For example, the entrance gate has a giant guard that is known as Yaksha. This is a resemblance of Lord Vishnu-Garuda’s mount and the complete wall of the compound is painted with complex Thai murals, which depicts various scenes from Ramayana, which is the epic story of India.

Wat PhraKaew Grand Palace2

The main hall of the temple is known as the tallest building and is beautifully decorated with the help of structured sculptures like the Garuda and carvings that are golden in color. It also has a beautiful Jade stoned statue of Buddha, it is said that this statue is made from a single piece of Jade slab. The crowned prince and king while performing any religious ceremony can only touch this statue. If you are inside you are not allowed to take out photos of the statues.

In Thailand, both these places are known to be the top attractions for tourists; a person can be memorized with what they can see in front of them. The beauty about these two places is that without a doubt you can be sure that if you are not a person who is interested in history and architecture, after seeing these places, you will b inclined to know more about the place.

A final note and a few tips that you can do while using the app

  • There is a special app that can be downloaded which can provide various kinds of information. Some of the things that you will find in the app includes
  • These places are at least a once in a lifetime must see place which is open for visitors from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  • If you are wondering how to reach there, it is easy, all you have to do is either opt for the sky train and get down at Thaksin Station or choose to get down at the Chang Pier by taking an express ferry. Before you decide to go ahead and visit the place, it is essential that you should read the rules and regulations, which includes the dress code. I
  • If you wish to see the Guard changing ceremony, you can always find out when it takes place and plan your visit accordingly.
  • It would also be advisable to carry your own water since it is not available inside and set aside half a day for your visit to these two beautiful places.

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