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Get ready for your trip with the Grand Palace map

So, you are all set for your Bangkok trip. You have made all necessary bookings and your bags are packed. Wait, do you have a Grand Palace Map Bangkok with you? Well, if you have a plan to visit the Grand Palace, you must gather complete information about this place. Having a Grand Palace Map enables you to travel around this tourist place with ease. Keep all the necessary stuff with you and know as much as you can about this place.

By the way, there is an app which will guide you through the entire Grand Palace. The app has 3-D maps so you don’t miss out anything. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple.

The Grand Palace also known as Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang is an amazing place you should visit at least once in your life. The palace was built for the Kings of Siam in 1782 as their residence. The royal family, the court of the king and government were based on the Grand Palace until 1925. However, it is often used for some important occasions including royal events and state gatherings, etc. every year. Located in the capital city Bangkok, it is the center of attraction for international tourists.

The construction was started on 1782 when the King Phutthayotfa Chulalok moved the capital city from Thonburi to Bangkok. After that many new buildings and structures were included in the Grand Palace.  When it comes to shape, it is rectangular and the total area of this place is 218,400 square meters. It is positioned on the banks of the Chao Phraya River at the center of the Rattanakosin Island, in the Phra Nakhon District. It is surrounded by strong walls.

If you are going for the first time, have a look at the Grand Palais Map and you will come to know that it is not a single structure, but it has many buildings, gardens, backyard, and temple, etc. Its asymmetry and assorted style are due to its natural growth. Basically, the premises can be categorized in many sections including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the outer court, Middle Court, and the Inner Court. Every court has several public buildings. Some portion of the Grand Palace is open for public as a museum, but some portions are used to organize royal events and public events.

Phra Maha Monthien group, Phra Thinang Amarin Winitchai, Phra Thinang Phaisan Thaksin, Phra Thinang Chakraphat Phiman, Phra Thinang Racharuedee and Ho Suralai Phiman and Ho Phra That Monthien are some popular buildings of this place. You can check all these locations on the Grand Palace Map Bangkok. You can easily find the maps with complete details online. Download a right map from a trusted resource and you will be all set to travel around this place. You can also get a Grand Palace map to get the directions to reach there. It is better if you know the directions to the place where you are going. It will reduce the chances of getting lost.

Grand Palace

To make the Grand Palace trip even more convenient and interesting, you can download a special app that contains complete information about this tourist destination.  The app is available for both Android and Apple. Directions, routes, history and related stories are given in the app to guide the tourists. Download this app and get ready for a marvelous trip.

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Don’t Forget To Have A Look At The Grand Palace Bangkok Map Before Starting Your Trip

The Grand Palace is one of the main attractions of Bangkok – capital city of Thailand. It is the holiest place where you can fill our heart and mind with positive energies. The huge complex this monument elaborates and speaks to the splendor of Thai architectural ritual and history.  According to the legends, it was built in 1782. The palace was designed and constructed for the King of Thai kingdom. The founder of this palace also found Thailand’s Chakri Dynasty. The Grand palace is also acknowledged for being the home of Lord Buddha. The statue of Emerald Buddha located in the temple – Wat Phra Kaew looks stunning and pulls towards the worldwide tourists.

The Palace has a large number of monuments and without a proper map, you might miss some of the famous monuments. That’s the reason you should have some map or some mobile application. One such app is recently launched which has the entire palace map with nice images of each monument. It has audio stories and scripts so you can listen and read if interested. The app works on both Apple and Android.This royal and religious building at the center of Bangkok is also recognized as ‘Rattanakosin’.  Wat Phra Kaew, The Grand Palace, and the Emerald Buddha together form one of most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Since 1925, the royal family did live in the palace. However, it is still utilized for royal events. At present, it is the most visited place. You don’t need so much time to explore this place. Just pick the Grand palace Bangkok map and you need only one day to visit this place. As many tourists visit this place every day, you can plan an early morning or half-day trip to avoid crowds.

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose a tour plan. As it is a very large place and a lot of things are there to visit and see, you should have a look at the Grand palace Bangkok map to understand the directions. There are many sites on the grounds of this place that you must see during your trip. To make sure that nothing is left, you should not start your trip without a Grand palace map.

Many tourists love to avail the services of guides to know the details, interesting facts, and history of this place. However, there are chances that the guide provides you wrong information. Also, a guide will charge a good amount of money for his or her job. This is why it is better to have a Great Palace map so that you can see all the sights.

In order to assist the tourists in exploring and visiting the Grand Palace, Wat PhraKaew, and Emerald Buddha, an innovative app is launched recently. This app has the Grand Palace map and enables the tourist to visit the place without any trouble. The app allows the users to gather every possible detail about this place. There is no possibility of getting lost when you have this app with you. The most amazing feature of this app is it will work without the internet connection. Therefore, it will work inside the Grand palace seamlessly.



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Know more about Shatrunjay Hill and Palitana with the Help of Palitana App

Shatrunjay, Palitana is one of the five holy pilgrimage centers for Jains. The Shatrunjay Hill is located in Palitana. You can reach the top complex at Shatrunjay by climbing for a couple of hours. On the top complex, there is one small temple dedicated to Ashtapad, the fifth holy pilgrimage center that is lost in the Himalayas. This temple has Ravan and Mandodari’s idols in them. And, there is a very interesting story about Mandodari dancing and Ravan replacing broken string. For the full story, please download the Palitana app that has a full description of this story as well the entire complex and Shatrunjay hills.

The view from the top of the Shatrunjay Hill is spectacular. Here one can smell the fragrance of Jasmine. The beautiful temples located on the hill are decorated with silver and gold donated to the temple. The local legend states that Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankar visited the hills many times and so, his son erected the first temple. 

Ravan and Mandodari idols are kept in the front area in a structure known as Ashtapad temple on the hill top complex. The above picture shows the Ashtapad structure from its outside. Ashtapad is considered the fifth Jain Tirth that is lost to the mankind. The legend is that Ravan’s soul will one day liberate to become a Tirthankar and so, his idol is kept in this temple.

If you are planning to visit Shatrunjay Hill in Palitana Gujarat, the Palitana app can be quite useful. The app is available for both Android and Apple. It has complete `information about the area and stories about the history of the Palitana pilgrimage. The app also guides you with a detailed map to reach your destination. You can explore the entire area with the help of the Palitana app. With Bhavyatra now on your phone, you have access to the legends of the Jain pilgrimage. It will be your personal guide to assist during the entire tour. With an easy interface, the app gives you all information on your fingertips. The app also provides information about Ravan and Mandodri.

You can easily reach Palitana. It is well connected by road with Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, and Porbandar. A visit to Palitana will guide you about Shatrunjay pilgrimage center as well as Ravan-Mandodri. 


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Shatrunjaya – Explore the religious Jain temple with an app

Shatrunjay in Palitana is one of the most visited religious places for Jains in the state of Gujarat in India. This temple sees devotees in millions visiting throughout the year from all over the globe. It is a must visit at least once in a lifetime. Shatrunjaya is located to the southwest of the city of Bhavnagar by about 50 km. It is also among one of the holiest sites in entire Gujarat, compelling worldwide tourists to visit the place. There are hundreds of little motels called Dharamshala in Palitana. They generally go for $ 5 to $10 per room are quite adequate for a few days. Some offer air conditioning also.

An app is available for Palitana Shatrunjaya for both Apple and Android. Using the Palitana app it has become easy for visitors to know about Shatrunjay hills and the temple complex in Palitana. They can identify the path and places that they see on the way to the top temple complex.

Below are the features in the app.

  • There is an inbuilt audio that provides transcripts of the place and its surroundings with interesting stories.
  • Does not require data connectivity to work.
  • Beautiful images of Shatrunjaya.
  • 11 maps to help navigate.

There are no guides available to provide you all the information. Traveling without a guide in this place is no more a problem. The app is available with plenty of information that will suffice the inquisitive tourist. Before taking the trip, it is better to download the app on your phone. Download this app on your phone to enjoy the different features it offers.

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Discover the beauty of Palitana Temple with easy to use Palitana app

If you are planning to visit Palitana templethere could not be a better time of the year than now. Palitana is regarded to be a well known religious place visited by thousands throughout the year by Jain pilgrims from all over the country and the world. Shatrunjay, the Jain temple complex is located at this place and is one of the important religious spots here.

If you are willing to know more about Palitana, then you can download the Palitana Mobile Tour Guide App which is considered to be user-friendly & informative. Pilgrims and tourists visiting Shatrunjay and Adinath temple are likely to find this trip to be interesting and memorable.

Recently, a smart mobile app called Palitana app was launched on Apple as well as Android app stores.

Palitana App and its features:

  • Comes packed with amazing, user-friendly functions and interface that include images, maps, transcript, and narration.
  • Tourists can use it as a personal guide all through the trip.
  • The app talks about religious stories in a modern and entertaining manner.

This app has been designed to help tourists explore Palitana temple and Adinath temple as well as other places surrounding this region. This is indeed a must have app for every tourist visiting the place for the first time with their family and friends and group. With the app, they can make the most of their trip and share beautiful memories back home. Plan your weekend visit to Palitana.

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Palitana Shatrunjaya Tour Guide App – A Perfect Prabhavna Gift

Have you made up your mind to visit Palitana, Gujarat? If yes, make it a point to go on the top of the Shatrunjaya hills. Shatrunjaya hills have thousands of religious Jain temple that can help you unwind and feel energetic. Also, before going to Palitana, you must download Shatrunjay App on yours and family’s mobile phones. You may also want to give Shatrunjay app gift cards to your friends and family. If any of them are not able to visit Palitana, they can enjoy Bhav Yatra on their phone at their home. Bhav Yatra is like a real visit, an exciting trip into the depths of sentiments, feelings, and spirituality through traditional stories and music. As the name indicates, Bhav Yatra is a virtual journey where stories, pictures, script, maps, and religious song are blended together to form a Yatra. Prabhavna of Shatrunjay App gift cards is a wonderful way to share the happiness.

When you go to Shatrunjay, Palitana, you should have Shatrunjay Tour Guide App on your mobile phone. This app is perfectly compatible with both Android and iOS. It is an audio-visual app that can guide you to climb to the summit of the temple. The app works as a personal audio guide that assists you during the climb. It is loaded with mesmerizing stories of the places of worship on the path and main temple complex on the peak. Having this app during your visit and during Bhav Yatra will help you to get the most out of your visit. The app covers every important point and location of the temple during the visit or Bhav Yatra.

Palitana is not just a tourist place with striking architecture, scenery view, and location, but it is a glimpse of heaven on the earth and Bhav yatra with the app is an ultimate way to visit this place in real life or virtually from anytime anywhere. Also, do Prabhavna of the gift cards to your friends and family so that they can also enjoy the visit of this religious place.

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An insight into the Famous Jain Pilgrimage Center with Palitana App

A sacred city, Palitana is located at distance of about 215 km from the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Palitana is considered as one of the most popular Jain Mandir and pilgrimage areas for Jains. Five different locations with their distinct group of temples are considered holy for Jains. Out of the five, Shatrunjay, Palitana is the most important one. Palitana has the maximum number of Jain mandirs and Jain temples. Many of the Jain temples in Palitana were built during the 11th, 12th and 16th century.

Palitana Shartrunjay Main Temple

Now, an app is available to assist visitors during the tour as a guide. It is called Palitana Mobile Tour Guide App. This app is both for Android and Apple. The Palitana app provides information regarding the places you must see during Palitana tour. It works offline without data. You just need Wi-Fi connection or data connectivity initially to download the app. After that, it can work without any connection. With the help of the app,  all the stories about Palitana, Jain mandirs located within, its history are in the palm of the visitors.

Palitana Main Temple

If you want to take a flight to Palitana, then, Bhavnagar is the nearest airport. It is about 1 hour from Bhavnagar. Ahmedabad is another alternative but it is 5 hours away. Taxis are the best options from Bhavnagar or Ahmedabad. There are some good trains from Mumbai, Bhavnagar, and Ahmedabad also that are worth considering.