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Now visit Palitana virtually or in real time with Palitana app to assist you

Palitana is a famous site of pilgrimage for Jains in Gujarat with magnificent architecture, scenic views, and fabulous locations and is like a paradise situated amidst Shatrunjay hills. The place is ultimate with several Jain temples on these hills and you can enjoy the Bhavyatra with your family and friends. However, this place can be… Read More »

Visit Grand Palace Bangkok and enjoy the tour with Grand Palace Tour guide app

Bangkok is becoming the emerging tourist country with Grand Palace Bangkok as a famous tourist spot. With many famous temples and monuments this country becoming the interesting place to visit. One of the popular places to visit is Royal Palace Bangkok. To enjoy the Bangkok grand palace tour there is an app available for both… Read More »

Enjoy a stress-free journey to shatrunjaya hills with palitana tour app

Shatrunjaya hills in Palitana are the holiest place of Jains in India and are situated in Gujarat. Thousands of devotees visit the temple every year throughout the world. The place is a must visit with hundreds of Jain Temples situated on hills of Shatrunjaya. There are several Dharamshalas in the town and you can stay… Read More »