Don’t Forget To Have A Look At The Grand Palace Bangkok Map Before Starting Your Trip

The Grand Palace is one of the main attractions in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. It is the holiest place in the country, where you can fill your heart and mind with positive energies. The huge complex of temples, halls, and residences speaks to the splendour of Thai architectural ritual and history. The Grand Palace is also acknowledged for being the home of Lord Buddha. The statue of the Emerald Buddha is located in the temple Wat Phra Kaew and looks stunning, pulling in millions of international and local tourists year-round.

The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and the Emerald Buddha together form one of most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. According to legend, it was built in 1782. The complex was designed and constructed for the King of the Thai kingdom, Rama I. He was also the founder of Thailand’s current monarchical line, the Chakri Dynasty.

Bangkok’s Grand Palace complex has over 100 monuments and without a proper map, you might miss some of the famous ones. That’s why you need a decent map – or better yet, a mobile application. One such app recently launched with the entire palace map, accompanied with clear images of each monument. It also has engaging audio stories for each monument, and story scripts, so you can listen and read if interested. The app works on both Apple and Android devices.

You don’t need more than a few hours to explore the Palace. Just download the Grand Palace Bangkok App/Map and you can explore the complex, hear it’s fascinating stories, admire its architectural beauties, and get plenty of photos in just a half-day trip at most.

There is no possibility of getting lost when you have this app with you. The most amazing feature of this app is that it will work without any wifi internet connection. Simply download it beforehand when in wifi and then don’t worry about it! It will work inside the Grand palace seamlessly.

Many tourists prefer to hire a guide, use a book, or rent an audio guide – but those aren’t the best options for the Grand Palace. Instead, this app and it’s helpful map, audio stories, and scripts, will create the perfect visit for you. You won’t need other resources, which are often more expensive, unreliable, incomprehensible, or simply disappointing. This app, with its stories and Great Palace Map will make this visit the highlight of your Bangkok and Thailand trip.

This innovative app will help you in visiting the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and Emerald Buddha with a Grand Palace Map that enables you to explore the complex without any trouble. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose your own tour plan using the map. Since the Palace complex is large, and there are a lot of amazing sites to see, you should have a look at the Grand Palace Bangkok Map to plan your path. To make sure that you don’t miss the sites that matter most, you should not start your trip without a Grand Palace Map.



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