Experience the splendid journey to Bangkok Grand Palace

Famous for the thrilling and stimulating city, Bangkok is one of the places where you can see miscellany of the cultures. It is best known for its sightseeing and anarchy. Whether it is The Grand Palace, Wat Oho or Wat Arun, each one has its own charisma and story. Talking about the Grand Palace Thailand, it is very big in size and has Wat Phra Kaew temple inside it. In the Thailand, it is the most sacred place. There is Emerald Buddha, known for bringing prosperity and considered as the holy sculpture. The opening hours of Grand Palace Bangkok is from 8:30 a.m. till 3:30 p.m. So, reach the palace before the time gets over. As the palace is full of architectural beauty and very big, you definitely need an app that takes you to different places while covering each spot without wasting the time.

We have designed a mobile app for you and is available for both Android and Apple that helps you in providing all kinds of information related to the place.

  • The app is appreciated for providing the map without the internet, i.e. it works offline.
  • No matter where you want to go, this app works as your assistant and there is easy accessibility due to user friendly interface.
  • It works as a helping tool as it contains the whole history of that place in audio form with transcripts.
  • It has 3D- maps of all the places inside the palace, which helps your explore and you can take the complete tour without being confused or lost.
  • Wonderful images of several sights are present in the app, which help you explore everything in a better way. You can share this beautiful images with family and friends.

opening hours of Grand Palace Bangkok


The European inspired interiors attract many tourists over there every year. In the twentieth century, the King and Queen have left the palace. Thus, most of the part of The Grand Palace is still prohibited to the general public.


What can be a better guide than this app? Get the complete information and explore the place with your family and friends without facing any difficulty. Grand Palace Thailand is a must to see places that capture the essence of belief and beautiful architecture.


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