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So, you are all set for your Bangkok trip. Your flights are booked and your bags are packed. Wait, do you have a Grand Palace Map Bangkok with you? Well, if you plan to visit the Grand Palace, you must have the Grand Palace Map. The map allows you to travel you to travel with ease, with all the information, guidance, and directions you’ll need in one place!

There’s also an app which will guide you through the entire Grand Palace. The app acts as an actual guide, with audio-stories about important objects along your path within the Palace, helpful photos, easy-to-read scripts, and amazing stories! The directions are super intuitive and easy to follow, and you’ll get to see every major monument and hear every important story if you use the app as your guide. It even has 3-D maps so you don’t miss out anything. Plus, the stories and fun and engaging – you’ll remember them even once you’re home! The app is compatible with both Android and Apple.

Grand Palace Background
The Grand Palace, locally known as Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang, has a rich history. The Palace was built for the Kings of Siam in 1782 as their residence. The royal family, the court of the king, and government were based on the Grand Palace until 1925. Today, it is still often used for important occasions including royal events and state gatherings every year. Located in Thailand’s capital city Bangkok, the Grand Palace is the center of attraction for international and local tourists.

Construction began in 1782 when the King Phutthayotfa Chulalok (Rama I) moved the capital city from Thonburi to Bangkok. Extensive buildings and structures were added to the Grand Palace over time, including a strong border wall. The Palace is roughly rectangular with a total area of 218,400 square meters. It is positioned on the banks of the Chao Phraya River at the center of Rattanakosin Island, in the Phra Nakhon District.

As you can see from the Grand Palais Map, the Palace is not a single structure but instead an assortment of buildings, gardens, and temples. Its asymmetry is due to its natural growth. The Palace grounds can be categorized into 4 sections:

  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • Outer Court
  • Middle Court
  • Inner Court

Every court has several public buildings. Some portions of the Grand Palace are open for public as a museum, but some portions are used to organize royal events and public events.

Popular buildings in these courts include the Phra Maha Monthien, Phra Thinang Amarin Winitchai, Phra Thinang Phaisan Thaksin, Phra Thinang Chakraphat Phiman, Phra Thinang Racharuedee and Ho Suralai Phiman, and Ho Phra That Monthien. You can check all these locations, and their details, on the Grand Palace Map Bangkok. This map will get you where you want to go!

Grand Palace App

To make your Grand Palace trip even more convenient and interesting, download a special app that is a guide book, audio tour guide, and map all in one!  The Bangkok Grand Palace Audio Tour Guide  App is available for both Android and Apple smartphones. Directions, routes, history and related stories are all available. Download the app today and get ready for a marvelous trip.

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