Park, Landscape, or City Tours: Creating a Mobile Tour Guide App for the Outdoors

Museums and visitor attractions — big and small alike — are increasingly moving into the mobile age with downloadable apps, mobile tour guides, interactive mobile games, and mobile-friendly websites. But “going mobile” is often predicated on having good signage and maps to direct visitors to points of interest, and on strong wifi and cellular signal to provide access to mobile content. This means that outdoor attractions like parks, aquariums, or cities have a harder time transitioning to tour guide apps than indoor museums do. Specific types of GPS-enabled tour guide apps can solve this problem for outdoor spaces.
Most visitors download mobile apps before arriving at the attraction, so apps for outdoor tours can be configured to work completely offline once downloaded. Satellite tracking determines the GPS coordinates of both a physical location and a smartphone, and works regardless of wifi or cellular signal. So even in a large outdoor space with no wifi, cell signal, or signage, GPS-enabled maps in the tour guide app can direct visitors from one point of interest to the next. Once the visitor enters a radius around a point of interest, the satellite is “pinged” and the tour auto-plays. This makes taking a tour and following a path more convenient for every visitor. Click here to see an example.
Action Data Systems offers a tour guide app platform, ActionShow App, that supports offline capability, satellite tracking, GPS-enabled maps, and auto-play functionality. With these key features, we can easily create a tour guide app for your park, landscape, garden, or other outdoor attraction. Plus, our platform-based approach means our product is more affordable than any other!
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