Now visit Palitana virtually or in real time with Palitana app to assist you

Palitana is a famous site of pilgrimage for Jains in Gujarat with magnificent architecture, scenic views, and fabulous locations and is like a paradise situated amidst Shatrunjay hills. The place is ultimate with several Jain temples on these hills and you can enjoy the Bhavyatra with your family and friends. However, this place can be confusing to visit without a guide, so why not have a virtual guide with you when visiting this place. You can download Shatrunjay tour guide app which can help you explore and take a self guided tour through a virtual guide.

You can do the Bhav Yatra of Palitana temples through this app which is works offline and does not require an internet connection. If you have decided to take the religious visit in Palitana then this app is a must have on your phone or tablet to experience spiritual and deep feelings inside your soul through peaceful and heart soothing music and stories. In case some of your family members are not able to visit the place, then they can do the Bhav Yatra virtually through the app with your Prabhavna of app gift cards.

Bhavyatra through the app is like a virtual visit to the holy place and one can experience bliss and delight when visiting the place virtually. This app is loaded with advanced features like maps, scripts, pictures, religious stories and you can soothe your mind and soul through this delightful app which provides you with real time or a virtual visit. Palitana has most of the popular Jain temples for Jain community and there are several Jain temples which were built during 11th, 12th and 16th centuries.

Palitana tour app assists the tourists to take self guided tour and provides them with all the required information during the visit. This app is like an audio guide who narrates the history and stories related to the place while you are climbing the stairs and visiting the fascinating temples. You can have a fabulous journey with this app which has been designed to lead you towards all the important places of interest in Palitana.


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