Wat phra Dress Code and other essential information

There are various religious places in Bangkok, you will while you are in the city. These places are rich in history and hold a lot of significance to the city. As much as it is important to see these places, it is also essential that you need to ensure that you respect and follow the norms that are designed for each place.

Wat Phra Kaew dress code

One of the most famous places of Bangkok is the famous Emerald Buddha temple. This is located on the grounds of the Grand Palace and is one of the most important places of Bangkok. This temple goes back from the 15th century. The Palace was constructed during 1782 and was once upon a time the home for the Royal family although now they do not stay there.

However, on certain occasions, they do make trips to the Grand Palace and Temple to perform various ceremonies and religious rituals, which is a traditional practice. This also includes the most significant ritual of Robe changing by the reigning King, which is said to be a very important event. The belief is that this event is important for the country as it helps bestow good fortune and luck. The present King of Thailand only handles this responsibility.


The Dress and shoe code while inside the Emerald Buddha Temple

Just like another religious place, even if you visit the Grand Palace or Temple of Emerald Buddha, you have to follow certain norm. Some strict guidelines are applicable for anybody who steps forth the grounds. The Wat Pho dress code that has to be followed while you are inside the grounds of the Grand Palace and Temple of Emerald Buddha does not permit certain outer garments that are worn by men and women, these includes

dress code bangkok

  • Tights, tight fitting trousers, short skirts, miniskirts or shorts
  • Trousers which are quarter length, culottes, blouses or shirts that are see-through or transparent
  • Sleeveless vests or shirts
  • Sandals that do not include heel straps or ankles
  • Shirts which have rolled up sleeves
  • Fisherman trousers, pajamas, wind cheaters, sweatpants or sweatshirts
  • No clothes that has any holes which also includes ripped t-shirts or jeans


What is allowed inside the temple grounds?

It is advisable to wear black clothes as a sigh of respect for Majesty King BhumibolAdulyadej’s passing away.

You should ensure that you are covered from head to toe and cannot walk inside the temple grounds with shoes.

If you want, you can also opt for the shawls that are available inside the site to cover up since you will not be permitted to enter the grounds of the temple without covering up appropriately.

You can wear skirts provided it is below the length of the knee

You can wear a pair of proper shoes or even suitable designs of flip flops or sandals


The convenience of a mobile app

Today mobile apps have become one of the most convenient ways a person can obtain any information. This is something that is specially designed keeping in mind the necessary information that has to be provided to tourists and visitors who are planning to make a trip there. The Grand Palace Bangkok Guide mobile app is available for both android and iOS. In this mobile app, you will also get to know further information about the Wat Phra Kaew dress code. Along with that, you will get information like the timings for all the attractions which includes the National Museum, WatArun, Wat Pho, Chang pier ,the code of conduct and do’s and don’ts while visiting each place, etc.


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