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Grand Palace Bangkok is a perfect location for a holiday destination if someone wants to explore historical monuments of Bangkok. Your trip will become more interesting with Grand Palace Bangkok tour guide app. Designed with a unique idea, gives the information about the interesting facts about Grand Palace.

Bangkok tour guide app

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit inside Grand Palace Bangkok, then Wat Phra Kaew is the best one. This is counted among the sacred Buddhist Temples and every year visited by many people. When you will enter Wat Phra Kaeo, you will find Emerald Buddha structure, which is very fascinating. It is regarded as the religious emblem of the Buddhists.

The temple is situated in the Phra Nakhon district and its main building has the central Phra Ubosot. It is the place where Buddha is situated. The Buddhist has the belief that Emerald Buddha brings prosperity wherever he resides. The people consider it as their protector and respect it deeply.

 Wat phra Kaew

We are introducing an app for Android and Apple to get the maps and additional information without using the internet while you are inside the Grand Palace. Just download the app while you are connected to wifi and enjoy the tour offline. Aren’t that sounds amazing? If you are using this, you can get access to the maps and locations effortlessly. The 3D maps help to better understand the importance of various monuments. The app has nice images which you can share with family and friends. While using Grand Palace Bangkok tour guide app you will find pleasant audio together with transcripts that make your journey even more interesting.

Wat phra Kaeo

While entering the temple, it must be noted that your body should be fully cover as there is strict dress code. You can’t even wear slippers inside. Be there to feel the peace over there. You will surely lose in the beauty of Wat Phra Kaeo.


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