Your holy pilgrimage to Adinath temple is quite enjoyable with Palitana app

Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankar received enlightenment on the Shatrunjaya hill, according to a legend in Jain scripture, which is why it is the holiest place for Jains. There are several temples located on the hills and they are most sacred sites for all the individuals following Jainism. The place is scenic with hills all around and people climb the hills to receive enlightenment, which is their path to the heaven. The construction of Adishwar temple started in around 11th century and continued later on.



Palitana is a small town in Gujarat located at the foot of Shatrunjay Hills where Adishwartemple is located. You have to climb 3400 steps to reach this sacred Adinath temple and Jains consider it to be the holiest place as Adinath received enlightenment over here. You can reach there by bus or private car or by train. Entire Shatrunjay hill is dotted with temples and Adinath, the Jainism founder meditated under the Rayan tree over here.




Thousands of pilgrims reach the place every year during Kartik Purnima and if you are planning a trip to the Adinath temple this year, then Palitanatour app is a must to have, which guides you throughout the journey with an audio, visual guide. You can virtually visit the place through the app or in reality with audio tours or scriptures loaded in the app. Map inside the app helps you in navigating easily on foot or while driving and you can perceive all the information about the temples along with history related to them through the app.

Adinath temple

This app is a boon for those who cannot visit the place as it provides them with a virtual Bhavyatra of Adinath temple and they can listen to music, visualize devotional pictures and experience bliss with this fantastic app. Enjoy your Jain pilgrimage with this useful app in your Apple or Android mobile which guides you throughout the journey without internet connection.


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